My name is Olga GM, I am a concept artist, 3d modeller and digital designer

International Museum of the Baroque

International Museum of the Baroque

International Museum of the Baroque

International Museum of the Baroque

International Museum of the Baroque

International Museum of the Baroque

International Museum of the Baroque


What I can do

My passion for all aspects of design and illustration have remained strong throughout my career. My background includes creative, editorial, advertisement, corporate, agency and freelance graphic design experience.

I combine different techniques to create storytelling and interactive concepts. My goal is to develop creative digital concepts, managing to achieve the best artwork that defines the personality and style of each project.


Offering ideas to communicate creative concepts and solutions is my main goal. Through sketches, I help to create conceptual visuals to enhance the final product requested by the company and/or client.


An effective identity can give you a significant edge in today’s age of information overload. Results are constantly in the line of sight, the reason why impactuf content is crutial to achieve the best outcome.


Digital storytelling is an vital part of establishing a connection with the audience. From concept art to matte painting and 3D integration. I deliver the overall layout and production concept for entertainment and advertising.


I use my set of skills to achieve the goal. I can combine 2D and 3D elements, typography, graphics, animations, sound and/or video into consolidated interactive content.


Lighting is essencial when it comes to determinate the mood of the piece at hand. Love to recreate cinematic look into my work, but this outcome depends on the purpose and concept of the project. 


Research and textures are important factors when looking for specific moods, interpretations and visual elements within the artwok and/or project at hand.


Looking for new concepts?

Olga GM

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Conceptualize with purpose. ​


Focusing on the visuals and mood and based on research and an understanding of the project needs. My goal is to create interactive and imaginative worlds otherwise couldn't be experienced in a big screen.


I will be happy to assist you in any questions you may have. Let's create authentic and beautiful visuals together!

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